Welcome and thank you for your interest. This site provides information on the new roles of Assistant Director for Integration and Healthy People and Assistant Director of Health, Environmental Protection and Healthy Place

Shropshire Council is undergoing a large-scale transformation programme aimed at ‘Creating a better future’, which puts improving the quality of life of all local people, at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to changing for the better, working together in new ways across the whole council, with our local partners and with our communities to deliver improved health and wellbeing outcomes. The future means we need to be aligned to recover and live with Covid 19 and the challenges and opportunities this will present. The last 16 months have illustrated the strength of the relationship between a healthy population and a healthy economy, we want Shropshire to flourish but this means we need to focus on good population health for all. However, first and foremost we need to protect the populations health and keep our population safe.

For Public Health, this means reconfiguring and strengthening both our teams and leadership, and utilising the Counties and Council’s assets, to meet this ambition. These positions will play a key strategic role across both the Council and Shropshire to deliver improved health and wellbeing outcomes. Working alongside colleagues in the wider Senior Management Team you will be tasked with supporting delivering the Council’s Public Health ambition to create a better, safe and healthy future.

You will join a forward thinking, pro-active team who are committed to ensuring all of Shropshire’s population can enjoy good health and wellbeing and tackling inequalities, through active engagement with partners and stakeholders internally and externally.

Like many other areas, we still face some challenges around our finances but despite this we continue to ensure we are able to deliver services that reflect the needs of our population; that deliver the outcomes we seek, that unlock opportunity and are sustainable. Significant as these challenges of reshaping public services are, the Shropshire approach is meeting them.

You will need to be committed and willing to explore new and innovative ways of doing things, to be able to lead and thrive in such an environment. Your role will be challenging, varied and exciting!

This is a real opportunity to make a difference and improve health and wellbeing outcomes for the people and communities across Shropshire.

If you share our vision, we would love to hear from you.

Image of Rachel Robinson sitting in a chair at a desk